Be a hero and bring home Harkins award-winning popcorn!

You already know Harkins Theatres' delicious, fluffy popcorn is an unparalleled treat when watching a movie at our place - but did you know you can enjoy the tasty, golden goodness while entertaining friends and family at your place?
It's true!  Harkins is excited to offer BIG PARTY POPCORN.  It's not just big - It's really big!  Big enough to serve up to 10 of your friends. 
For just $10 a bag, you can complete your party with the good stuff - authentic Harkins movie popcorn!  Simply put, it's pretty much the best popcorn ever!
Just visit the Guest Services counter at any Harkins location and minutes later head home with a bag of hot, freshly-popped Harkins popcorn.  Take home a bag or three!
Harkins BIG PARTY POPCORN is available every day of the year and is perfect for birthdays, office celebrations, holiday parties or any gathering with family and friends!  Get yours now!
Harkins Big Party Popcorn Bag