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Heaven Is for Real On Sale Now Now Showing
Heaven Is for Real (Spanish dubbed) On Sale Now Now Showing
13 Sins On Sale Now Now Showing
Bears On Sale Now Now Showing
Finding Vivian Maier On Sale Now Now Showing
A Haunted House 2 On Sale Now Now Showing
Joe On Sale Now Now Showing
Make Your Move On Sale Now Now Showing
Short Peace (subtitled) On Sale Now Now Showing
Small Time On Sale Now Now Showing
Transcendence On Sale Now Now Showing
IMAX Transcendence On Sale Now Now Showing
Under the Skin On Sale Now Now Showing
Major League On Sale Now Opens: 4/22/2014
Brick Mansions   Opens: 4/25/2014
Dancing in Jaffa (subtitled)   Opens: 4/25/2014
Dom Hemingway   Opens: 4/25/2014
From the Rough   Opens: 4/25/2014
It Felt Like Love   Opens: 4/25/2014
Only Lovers Left Alive   Opens: 4/25/2014
The Other Woman On Sale Now Opens: 4/25/2014
The Quiet Ones   Opens: 4/25/2014
The Railway Man   Opens: 4/25/2014
The Retrieval   Opens: 4/25/2014
A League of Their Own On Sale Now Opens: 4/29/2014
Locke (NY Critics Society) On Sale Now Opens: 4/29/2014
Super Duper Alice Cooper On Sale Now Opens: 4/30/2014
3D The Amazing Spider-Man 2   Opens: 5/2/2014
IMAX 3D The Amazing Spider-Man 2   Opens: 5/2/2014
The Amazing Spider-Man 2   Opens: 5/2/2014
Blue Ruin   Opens: 5/2/2014
Fading Gigolo   Opens: 5/2/2014
Hateship Loveship   Opens: 5/2/2014
Locke   Opens: 5/2/2014
Watermark   Opens: 5/2/2014
Chef (NY Film Critics) On Sale Now Opens: 5/6/2014
Dazed and Confused On Sale Now Opens: 5/6/2014
Farmland On Sale Now Opens: 5/8/2014
Belle   Opens: 5/9/2014
Legends of Oz: Dorothy's Return   Opens: 5/9/2014
Mom's Night Out On Sale Now Opens: 5/9/2014
Neighbors   Opens: 5/9/2014
Ferris Bueller's Day Off On Sale Now Opens: 5/13/2014
Chef   Opens: 5/16/2014
Fed Up   Opens: 5/16/2014
The Galapagos Affair   Opens: 5/16/2014
God's Pocket   Opens: 5/16/2014
Godzilla (2014)   Opens: 5/16/2014
IMAX 3D Godzilla (2014)   Opens: 5/16/2014
3D Godzilla (2014)   Opens: 5/16/2014
Million Dollar Arm   Opens: 5/16/2014
Young & Beautiful (subtitled)   Opens: 5/16/2014
Nabucco (Opera) On Sale Now Opens: 5/18/2014
American Graffiti On Sale Now Opens: 5/20/2014
Caesar & Cleopatra On Sale Now Opens: 5/22/2014
Blended   Opens: 5/23/2014
For No Good Reason   Opens: 5/23/2014
Ida (subtitled)   Opens: 5/23/2014
Palo Alto   Opens: 5/23/2014
X-Men: Days of Future Past   Opens: 5/23/2014
Can't Hardly Wait On Sale Now Opens: 5/27/2014
Maleficent   Opens: 5/30/2014
A Million Ways to Die in the West   Opens: 5/30/2014
Tracks   Opens: 5/30/2014
Jaws On Sale Now Opens: 6/3/2014
Driving Miss Daisy (Play) On Sale Now Opens: 6/4/2014
Alone Yet Not Alone   Opens: 6/6/2014
Edge of Tomorrow   Opens: 6/6/2014
The Fault in Our Stars   Opens: 6/6/2014
Words and Pictures   Opens: 6/6/2014
Dirty Dancing On Sale Now Opens: 6/10/2014
22 Jump Street   Opens: 6/13/2014
How to Train Your Dragon 2   Opens: 6/13/2014
Lullaby On Sale Now Opens: 6/13/2014
Happy Gilmore On Sale Now Opens: 6/17/2014
The Signal (2014)   Opens: 6/20/2014
The Great Outdoors On Sale Now Opens: 6/24/2014
Transformers: Age of Extinction   Opens: 6/27/2014
Rocky On Sale Now Opens: 7/1/2014
Deliver Us from Evil   Opens: 7/2/2014
Earth to Echo   Opens: 7/2/2014
Tammy   Opens: 7/2/2014
The Untouchables On Sale Now Opens: 7/8/2014
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes   Opens: 7/11/2014
Tommy Boy On Sale Now Opens: 7/15/2014
Jupiter Ascending   Opens: 7/18/2014
The Purge: Anarchy   Opens: 7/18/2014
The Seven Year Itch On Sale Now Opens: 7/22/2014
Hercules   Opens: 7/25/2014
Wish I Was Here   Opens: 7/25/2014
Manon Lescaut (Opera) On Sale Now Opens: 7/27/2014
Wet Hot American Summer On Sale Now Opens: 7/29/2014
Get On Up   Opens: 8/1/2014
Guardians of the Galaxy   Opens: 8/1/2014
Raiders of the Lost Ark On Sale Now Opens: 8/5/2014
Into the Storm   Opens: 8/8/2014
Lucy   Opens: 8/8/2014
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)   Opens: 8/8/2014
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom On Sale Now Opens: 8/12/2014
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade On Sale Now Opens: 8/19/2014
Stand By Me On Sale Now Opens: 8/26/2014
Animal House On Sale Now Opens: 9/2/2014
Old School On Sale Now Opens: 9/9/2014
Mean Girls On Sale Now Opens: 9/16/2014
The Maze Runner   Opens: 9/19/2014
Heathers On Sale Now Opens: 9/23/2014
Fast Times at Ridgemont High On Sale Now Opens: 9/30/2014

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